Open Source & Free application to manage and resell digitalocean droplets.

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No data center required
No server administrator required
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Jotjpn provide SAAS model to resell and manage DigitalOcean droplets by APIs.
You can resell DigitalOcean cloud hosting service to your clients with your own brand name.

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How it works?

Hope you are aware about web hosting which are mainly divided into two categories.
1) Shared hosting (Resources are shared with more than one users. Like CPU,RAM. (Popular one cPanel based hosting))
2) Cloud and dedicated server hosting (Resources are dedicated for each users. Like CPU, RAM)

Now days web applications are more complex and reactive which required dedicated & reserved resources, various core functionalities of operating system and terminal access. It is not possible in shared hosting and required cloud or dedicated server. Major difference in cloud and dedicated server is that dedicated server has fixed resources, can't resize (upgrade/downgrade) easily but in cloud it can be resized in few minutes.

How you can start your cloud hosting business?

There are some major companies who are providing cloud hosting solution in reasonable prices like AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode.
The best one, based on pricing, features and easy to setup is DigitalOcean. and good news is that DigitalOcean providing APIs service to manage all features of their cloud hosting.
We provides application (PHP based script) which offers complete SAAS (Software as a service) solution to integrate with DigitalOcean
Anything you create in our application (like server, ssh key) it will be created automatically in your DigitalOcean account by API

How to start?

1) Download application and setup on your hosting (We can also provide profession setup service)
2) Create DigitalOcean account and generate API key (Read & Write)
3) Add key into your web application
That's it!
You can start selling cloud hosting service with your own brand name.

Features we are offering

1) White label solution (Start with your own brand name & logo)
2) Add server region (Location), Like Bangalore, UK, New York
3) Add Server type. Like Standard, General Purpose, CPU Optimized, Memory Optimized.
4) Add Server configuration and assign to server type. Like 1CPU & 1GB Ram, 2CPU & 2GB Ram etc..
5) Support various operating system (Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20 etc..)
6) Your clients can register an account and create required server instantly.
7) Your clients can add multiple ssh key (Which required to create server and connection)
8) Your clients can monitor server performance (CPU consumption and free RAM)
9) Clients can perform various actions on server through application. Like Reboot, shutdown, power on and destroy.
9) Payment gateway integration (Paypal & Razorpay). Your clients can add fund online with integrated payment gateways.
10) Automatic billing cycle, application charge all clients for their running servers on hourly basis.
11) Server's hourly cost will be deducted from their account balance.
12) All servers will be forced turn off, if account balance went to below threshold value defined in config file.

Are you Developer/Freelancer/IT Firm ?

If you are from an IT Firm or Freelancer/Developer then definitely you have clients and you suggest (recommend) cloud hosting websites to host their projects. You may refer to AWS, DigitalOcean or any similar website. In return of referring you are not getting anything recurring amount (such as monthly referral commission etc..) but if you sell your own cloud hosting then you can add your margin for monthly payments and earn every month.
Example. You created 1CPU 1GB RAM server at cost of $7/month and your client will pay you $7 every month. For this configuration of the server you just have to pay $5/month to digitalocean. You can earn $2 every month from one project hosting till it running. Off course if that project grows then it requires a high configuration server. Your client will upgrade the server and you will get more margin. Eg. if he choose $40/month server which cost at digitalocean at $30 (Your margin $10/month)




Admin Panel
Username: admin
Password: admin

Client Panel
Password: 123456


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